Design Services

We help clients find ways to effectively communicate and position their brand in the marketplace using meaningful applications, images and words that connect. Our experience in multi-disciplinary areas of graphic design and business can benefit your organization.

  • Logo Design / Branding:  corporate identity systems and campaign development
  • Web Design / Interactive: web development, email campaign and interface design, interactive press kits and newsletter templates
  • Print Media / Packaging:  publication design and marketing collateral, charts, diagrams, and maps
  • Illustration: digital drawing for small or large format
  • Exhibit / Environmental Design: exhibition design, signage, and way-finding systems
  • Video Production / Editing: increase your communication presence utilizing your organizations unique style and focused message with video
  • Collateral: shirts, hats, mugs, table tents, bags, cars, pens, etc.
  • Experimental Work: chalk, charcoal, conté, crayon, graphite, marker, pastel, pen and ink, pencil, watercolour, photography, video, various materials, carved, cast, modeled, assembled or finished, ephemeral and performance based work

Nonprofit and Social Advertising Services

Our studios develop social marketing campaigns for nonprofit organizations and institutions to help support their cause. These campaigns influence positive social behaviors and inspire others to encourage change in our society.

Consulting Services

Swiss Style Studios can serve in an advisory role to develop strategic approaches regarding business communication, graphic design and social entrepreneurship. We help clients understand how brand strategies, marketing methods and applications should be implemented for better results. Clients also receive direction on the benefits of becoming stewards of their community by way of their business practices.

Workshops / Seminar Services

Knowledge is the key to building a sustainable and healthy community. We offer workshops and seminars for corporations, organizations, and school systems that explore:

What a graphic design career looks like
Social Entrepreneurialism
How businesses can become more socially conscious
How design services can function as valuable business tools
The social impact of design in society
Conceptual planning and systems thinking

Education / Community Services

The Swiss Style Studios distributes and accepts Request for Media Services Forms from the local and national community. Our goal is to help educate the students we work with in design education with real world experience while helping the community with their design needs. If you are a student at another college who would like to participate or a member of the community who would like to engage with our students please feel free to contact us and ask for a form. Collaborations have resulted in fresh ideas, methods and innovative end products.