We work as a team with our clients to understand the target market. Based on research we develop persona(s) for our client’s target market.Together we critique and evaluate design progress through the eyes and ears of the consumer/persona.

SSS Client Comment:

“Sometimes it’s irrelevant what my opinion is about design solutions. Having a persona is helpful because it reminds me that I am not the one purchasing the product or service. My target market has to identify with the design and love it. My target market may disagree with my visual aesthetic.”

Phase 1: Research/Thinking

Building Relationships and Trust
We become active listeners to understand your organization. We build relationships with you by learning about your staff and the people they serve.

Gather Information
We gather information, establish design criteria and define the needs, objectives and problems to be solved.

Knowing Your Market
We examine the market, your company’s culture, products, services, consumers, competitors and their target audience using research methods.

Phase 2: Sustainability Strategy

Studying the Impact of Our Design Solutions
We examine how branding, communication and design materials impact the earth and society. Our sustainability strategies can be divided into three parts:

Financial Impact
We work with our client’s finances to help make the best economic decisions.

Environmental Impact
To produce the most sustainable design solutions we examine the different stages of its life:
The methods and the materials in the production stage
How the application is delivered
How the application will be used
The disposal of the application

Social Impact
We questions how our ideas for your brand messages may interact with society. Through fact checking and researching the cultural norms, behaviors and attitudes we develop branding, marketing and design strategies that are ethical and socially appropriate for society.

Phase 3: Design Development

Brainstorming Ideas
With our road map for sustainability in place, we begin brainstorming ideas. We take into account client competition; trends in the market, what sets the client apart, the history of the business, the future, the current brand, and the one aspired toward.

Preliminary Designs
We develop the draft concepts and preliminary designs and work with you to select the best options and further develop them.

We will present the developments face-to-face, by e-mail or videoconferences. Together we work to re-examine how the developments best match the needs of our consumer/personas. We will work together to select the best design to refine.

Phase 4: Design Refinement

Refining the Accepted Design Solution
After refining the accepted design solution(s) an explanation will be made as to why the accepted design solutions meet your branding and marketing goals set in Phase 1 and also follow the sustainability guidelines set in phase 2.

Rules Governing Proper Usage
Depending on the project formats may need to be developed to visually demonstrate the nature of an identification system. I.e., rules governing the proper usage and consistency of the program’s design elements, formats, templates, and nomenclature are presented, including materials for graphics and color guidelines.

Phase 5: Production

Buying Ads and Outsource Services
Swiss Style Studios can help clients purchase printed and web based ads and/or monitor the work of various outsource services, such as, web programmers or copywriters.

On-time and on Budget
The production phase meets its goal to produce the final application using green materials, on time and on budget.

Phase 6: Evaluation

Tracking Results
Track and effectively measuring the results of a design campaign across a variety of media from print to web based applications is recommended. The information gathered is very important to your business and to Swiss Style Studios because it allows us to continue to create powerful branding, marketing and design applications that will provide you with a return on your investment.