Responsible Consumerism

I Buy Different
 – Resource to teach kids about where products come from.

Consumers International – – 
Consumers International is an independent, non-profit organization that supports, links, and represents consumer groups and agencies all over the world. It strives to promote a fairer society through defending the rights of all consumers, especially the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged, by supporting and strengthening member organizations and the consumer movement in general, and, campaigning at the international level for policies that respect consumer concerns.

Consumers– Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine. This site provides informative and educational materials developed by Consumers Union’s advocacy offices on a variety of consumer issues, including health care, financial services, food safety, product safety, and more, including special reports on consumerism, especially marketing aimed at kids.

Responsible Shopper– Responsible Shopper reports on global research and campaign information regarding the impact of major corporations on human rights, social justice, environmental sustainability and more.

Co-op America
 – This 20-year-old nonprofit promotes socially and environmentally responsible businesses, publishes the national green pages, and promotes socially responsible investing through (SVN member).