Self-Reliance and Independent Business Organizations

B Corporation
 – B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
 – BALLE is currently an alliance of over 20 independently operated local business networks located throughout North America.

The National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives
 – – 
NCESA is an independent, politically progressive, nonprofit institute providing research, education, and consultation on innovative solutions to problems facing America and the global political economy. Since its establishment in 1977, the National Center has undertaken research and policy development projects for foundations, federal agencies, state governments and nongovernmental organizations.

Sustainable Communities
Helping to build sustainable, livable economies and communities.

Ashoka seeks to develop the profession of social entrepreneurship around the world. It invests in extraordinary individuals with unprecedented ideas for change in their communities. Visit the web site to read about many of the 1,100 Ashoka Fellows from 41 countries.

Association for Enterprise – 
The Association for Enterprise Opportunity has launched an initiative entitled Buy ME (Micro Enterprise) that is linking micro entrepreneurs and microenterprise development programs to a national marketing campaign as well as strengthening local marketing efforts. A microenterprise is a self-started, very small business that is embedded in the community.
New Rules 
www.newrules.orgNew Rules is information on policies local communities have implemented to regain economic power.

AMIBA is a coalition of local independent businesses, community organizations and community members–your friends and neighbors–united to support the community.

Social Entrepreneurship Alliance
A membership organization leading the creation of a social enterprise movement. We mobilize communities of nonprofit organizations and funders to advance earned income strategies.