Elizabeth Webber | Email 

“I am being considered for a position with Habitat for Humanity NYS, through Americorps. I would be contracted for 10 months to create a uniform face that impacts brochures and marketing materials, themes for a couple big events (conferences), an annual report, and otherwise be a designer in office with them.

 One reference has already been given from my internship, but another (perhaps by a mentor or a personal friend) was requested. I would be honored if you would be willing and able to give a reference. Having this opportunity reminds me so strongly of that conversation we had together about the possibilities to do something genuinely good with design as a career, when I was on the fence about sticking with it. I feel like I’ve stepped out of your office from that conversation to the reality. It’s amazing.

I could probably go on about how passionate and excited I feel, but it will get less and less professional. Let me know your thoughts! I miss you, and hope all is well.”