Beata E. Golec

The CD Album Design and Booklet marketed by Blackdog Records in Rochester, New York was created for Beata E. Golec, concert pianist and composer born in Gliwice, Poland. Now Disc, a fully equipped CD and DVD manufacturing facility located in Las Vegas, NV manufactured the recyclable corrugated cardboard packaging. Two Exhibits entitled Working Hands: A Confluence of Artists and interdisciplinary, collaborative exhibition featuring graphic design, photography and the performance arts were held featuring Beata E. Golec live on piano. The design was published in “The Big Book of Packaging”, a must-have resource for anyone interested in the future of packaging and design.

Beata Golec Album Package


2-D Album Design Spread





Beata Golec Booklet Cover


Beata Golec Booklet Spread 1

Beata Golec Booklet Spread 2

Beata Golec Booklet Spread 3

Beata Golec Booklet Spread 4

Beata Golec Recital Poster