People, Planet and Profit refers to a balanced exchange of goods and services (beyond just profit) that takes into account the economic, environmental, and social implications of an organization’s output and performance.

The Swiss Style Studio’s use a Triple Bottom Line business model to measure success in three main areas:

As a result of advancements in technology the medium is often just as powerful as the message. We help organizations ensure their communication efforts do not promote stereotypes or manipulate the public with unhealthy information. Strong preference is given to like-minded organizations needing our services because we think mixing creative talent with values is a powerful combination. Our studios take great pride in supporting social causes and still paying the bills.

Many materials have a short lifespan, are often disposed of quickly and generate massive amounts of waste each year. We recognize this huge waste problem and we’re committed to education and taking actions that promote conservation of the environment for future generations. We strive to make every action solve more than one problem —it’s more about working towards many small goals than it’s about mandating absolutes. We solve conceptual and systems thinking problems to help clients adopt sustainable practices.

Ethical and environmental practices help organizations manage their reputation and brand value. Reputation has financial value in today’s market, people will purchase products and services because they trust a company and believe they are a benefit to society. Developing ongoing relationship with customers and attracting employees who can thrive means that you need to be a company that they can be proud to represent.

Conscious consumption is rapidly growing and practicing sustainable design is necessary to take advantage of this emerging market. Organizations that do not stand for something will lose customers to a competitor who does. Socially and ecologically responsible organizations outperform their competitors in most industries, which means more profit and higher stock prices. Trust is financially valuable because organizations do not have to spend time and money responding to regulators, providing compliance with laws and can often avoid costly fines and lawsuits.