Sit-Stand-Speak is a networking and educational event presented by Swiss Style Studios. This is an event where artists, designers, business professionals, community leaders and the general public come together to teach, learn, talk and get to know each other.

More about Sit-Stand-Speak

What are the Topics? 

The topic of each event varies so that we can cover a wide range and depth of social issues. We will often chime in on how design thinking promotes social change in the community and helps to build sustainable businesses. Past topics have included:

Living and Working Green, 
Recession Proof Your Business, 
Tell Remarkable Stories That Will Influence Others, and 
What is Socially Conscious Design? 
Branding Richmond, Images in Mass Media

What Happens at {Sit-Stand-Speak} Events? 

We will often invite one predominant business professional to emcee the event or strategically include professional guest panelists who will serve as an authority on specific subjects. The emcee asks the panel questions and engages the audience to begin a conversation about the topic. Open networking sessions are held before and after the panel discussions.

Where Do {Sit-Stand-Speak} Events take place? 

Local restaurants, coffee shops and galleries have worked well for events. If you have an idea for an event that you think is of value to a group of individuals and the community at large please contact Swiss Style Studios.

When and where is the Next Event?
To know the date, time, and location of the next {Sit-Stand-Speak} event, visit our event page on our blog.