Writing / Research

Starenko, Michael, et al. Reflections on Blended Learning: Rethinking the Classroom. Rochester, New York. LuLu.com. 2008. Narrative and Postscript: Kepler-Wagner, Jill pp. (154—158).

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Wagner, Jill. Modernist Design Pioneers with R. Roger Remington. Producing 3 design educational movies featuring Distinguished Vignelli Professor of Design R. Roger Remington, Cipe Pinelis, Alexy Brodovitch and Dr. Adga. Movies include rare interview footage with design pioneers and new archival footage of design work filmed at the Rochester Institute of Technology.— In Progress

Wagner, Jill. Children’s Books and Interactive DVDs. Graphic Design: Children’s Books consisting of short stories and illustrated typographic characters. —In Progress